Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ok, I am horrible at this blogging thing...

but here are some new pictures of Makayla!! I just love this first picture--its really close up, but look at those eyes! She was coming towards me at tumbling when I caught the picture.

This is one of our dogs, Hannah. She was sick last Friday and Mak was so sweet about it.

Quite the little diva, Makayla loves the camera!

July 4th at the FC Dallas game.

Ice cream with Karissa. I don't know which she loves the most, since all she does is talk about Karissa ALL the time.

I have been busy with grad school this summer. Mak spent a few days with my parents in June and we have been swimming and playing just about everyday.
Mak moved into a big girl bed and loves her new independence! So much in fact, it was quite the little battle for a few days and I wake up now to her taping me asking for milk or water instead of crying for me in her crib.
And we have been potty training and we almost have it down! She has been doing so well in fact we left the house today without a diaper on and we finished all our shopping without an accident. That is HUGE in the potty training world.
That is just a little update from our world...I guess this will just be a forum for a few of my favorite pics every month. At least it will be while I am in intense grad school classes like I am right now!

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